Check This Out

bpapSome friends just alerted me to a  creative and though-provoking post about “birding personality types” at Birding is Fun! and I thought it well worth sharing. Take a moment to read their descriptions, and then consider… which bird are you?

At first I assumed I was an Owl, but after reading through the more detailed descriptions, I find I relate much more closely to the Shorebirds. I’ve never thought of myself as a “people person” before. I wonder what my friends would say. Anyone?

One thought on “Check This Out

  1. Fun! Yes I could believe shorebird for you…and for me too! Speaking of which, now I am out on the north fork of Long Island (father-in-law has a summer house here) and seeing ruddy turnstones, terns, lots of gulls, and a cool osprey nest. I am hoping to see the mute swans that live out here. I plan to get up earlier tomorrow to see what is out when the water is quite calm.

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