January’s Bird Quiz

(Make sure you also see the previous months’ Bird Quizzes!)

Once again I’ve put together some birds to identify. As with the birds last year, these won’t be super hard. I’ll show you most, if not all, of the bird, and you should be able to find it in your field guide without too much trouble. Maybe I’m just too chicken to post the pictures that have me stumped!

Can you identify this bird? The photo was taken during January in Colorado. My answer will appear next Monday.


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2 Responses to January’s Bird Quiz

  1. Carey says:

    My mom used to get upset with me for taking photos in which you could see her posterior. I hope this bird doesn’t find out about his photo! (a Cooper’s hawk? I have a terrible time with them and sharpshinned….)

    • LAH says:

      If you want help distinguishing between Cooper’s and Sharp-shinned Hawks, check out the latest issue of the Aikorns, The Aiken Audubon Society (of the Colorado Springs area) newsletter. Debbie Barnes wrote a terrific article on how to tell them apart. You can find it at AikenAudubon.com.

      Of course, it might not help you identify this bird…. 😎

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