Do You Speak “Twitcher”?

Birders_ChicoBasinRanch-CO_LAH_4990-001Are you a birder? Do you speak English? I would have answered “yes” to both questions, until I saw some lists of British birding terms. Apparently, I speak American, not English. I’m familiar with “twitcher” as a seriously (some say extremely) competitive birder who keeps a life list (and probably several others as well). And I’ve heard the word “jizz” (which comes from GISS, as in General Impression of Size and Shape) used to describe a way of quickly identifying birds. However, I had no idea what most of these words meant, at least in the context of birdwatching.

Yes, you guessed it. I have a list of a ten British birding terms. How many can you correctly define? I should add, “without using the internet”—no cheating! And before the complaints start pouring in, yes, I’m aware that some of these terms are no longer in general usage, although my sources online didn’t mention which ones are obsolete.

As usual, I’ll post the answers next week. And since I have another ten terms waiting in the wings, we’ll do this again sometime soon!

  1. Blocker
  2. Boggie Bird
  3. BOP
  4. Certs
  5. Crippler (or Krippler)
  6. Dip out
  7. Dude
  8. Duff gen
  9. Get gripped off
  10. Old badger

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