Auto-corrected Bird List

Eric & Heidi EatonToday I have a special guest post from Heidi Eaton, naturalist, zookeeper, and all around very nice person. She’s married to “Bug Eric” of entomology fame. You may remember I recommended his insect blog a while back. Here’s her post. I’m sure you’ll laugh at least as much as I did!

I’ve often used my Samsung tablet to keep a bird list when Eric and I are traveling.  We are often amused at the way the auto-correct tries to change the bird names.  Some aren’t that funny, like it always wants heron, blackbird, and starling to be plural (I can kind of understand why, with blackbirds and starlings).

Here’s a list of some others:

  1. Northern Barrier
  2. Common Crackle
  3. Common Nightshade
  4. American Avowed
  5. Semipalmated Sandpaper
  6. Lesser Yellowing
  7. Brown Thrashed
  8. Northern Shoveled
  9. Gladwell
  10. Killeen
  11. Least Sandpaper
  12. Long-billed Switcher
  13. Dublin
  14. Eastern Phone
  15. Yellow-trumped Warbler
  16. Black-capped Chicken
  17. Eastern Songbird
  18. American Goldfish
  19. Pleated Woodpecker
  20. Yellow-throated Video
  21. Soar
  22. Spotted Sandpaper
  23. Western Songbird
  24. Brown-headed Cowgirl
  25. Summer Manager
  26. American Restart
  27. Carolina Wrench
  28. White-breasted Thatch
  29. Indigo Hunting
  30. Northern Paula
  31. Ballard
  32. House Wrench
  33. Great Crested Leather
  34. Double-crested Corcoran
  35. Foerster’s Tern
  36. Solitary Sandpaper
  37. Belted Finisher
  38. Stilt Sandpaper
  39. American Pigeon
  40. Greater Yellowing
  41. Wallet
  42. Hudson’s Godwin

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