May’s Bird Quiz

Can you identify this bird? The photo was taken in Colorado during the month of May.  The answer will appear next week.


For answers to last week’s “Do You Speak Twitcher?—The Sequel”, keep reading….

  1. Old duffer: A older person who just started birding. They may look the part but they don’t yet know much about birds, birding, or birders. The old duffer might ask the old badger to help look for birds.
  2. On the deck: On the ground, as opposed to in a tree or bush, for example.
  3. Patch: Your special birding turf; your yard (think “backyard birding”).
  4. Phase: One who stops birding. This might have something to do with a new job, a new hobby, or a new spouse. You can also unphase if you change your mind and take it up again.
  5. Plastic: Either an escaped or domestic bird that you therefore can’t count on your life list (such as your neighbor’s chickens), or a non-native species (such as Starlings in the U.S.)
  6. Scorch: (Also to grill it or burn it up.) To thoroughly study a bird (especially through a scope), checking every detail, especially field marks, to be completely sure of your identification.
  7. Stringy: A bird you believe to be incorrectly identified, especially if someone claims that it’s a rarity, and it isn’t.
  8. Tart: A rare bird that is being very cooperative, giving good views to those who go to see it.
  9. UTV`s – (UnTickable View) To tick means to check off the bird, adding it to your list. A UTV is when you didn’t see the bird well enough to have a confident ID.
  10. Yank: A North American bird seen in Britian—and perhaps a North American birder, too?

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