Gifts for Bird Lovers

birdwatcher socksThanksgiving is past and we’re fully into the frenetic holiday shopping season. Birding websites and magazines will be running lists of gift ideas for birders—new binoculars, field guides and apps, birding accessories, etc. As a birder myself, I would certainly love to receive one of these items, but most of them are pretty expensive.

I’ve created a (very short) list of bird-related gifts which won’t break your wallet (they’re all under $25), ranging from silly stocking stuffers to practical clothing. These are just the beginning, a source of inspiration, as there are hundreds of bird-related gifts just waiting to be discovered.

4560_christmasbirdpen_2aFrom Office Playground comes the Christmas Bird Pen. “Said to be the world’s most strange and flamboyant bird, the Christmas Bird sheds its feathers in the fall season and grows new, sparkly, red or green feathers in time for Christmas. The Christmas Bird Pen honors this unique, one-legged bird and is the perfect pen for writing out holiday cards and wish lists.” These pens are a bargain at $1.49 each, plus shipping.

bird flying toy-001Perhaps your child (or you!) needs an Onithopter! Rubber band-powered airplanes are old classics, but this bird takes the concept to new levels. “Reflective wings will shimmer as he soars up to 50 yards! Mechanically engineered flight Tim flies by flapping its wings, which is powered by replaceable rubber band.” From Fat Brain Toys, $14.99 plus shipping.

bird in nest puzzleDoes a birder on your list also like puzzles? The object of Bird In the Nest is a to remove the cute bird from its wooden nest. Made of solid beech wood with walnut accents, the puzzle measures 2-1/2″ x 2-1/2″. It’s available from Bits and Pieces, and is currently on sale for $20.69 (two for $17.99 each).

If you read my other blog, you know that I have a “thing” about fun socks. I received one of my favorite pairs as a gift a couple of years ago. They feature individual birds on the cuffs and a line of birdwatchers around each foot (see the picture at the top of the page). I wear them to all our Audubon chapter meetings! Worried that I will wear them out, I was pleased to see that they’re still available online from a variety of sources, including Sock Wizard and Absolute Ties, for around $12 plus shipping.

Owl socksIt turns out that socks illustrated with birds are widely available. A quick bit of online shopping turned up socks with flamingos, macaws, shorebirds, and owls, lots of owls. These owl socks are  widely available from Amazon and others. The whole set runs about $12—a terrific deal.

While we’re on the topic of clothing, how about these fun t-shirts? Most birders I know enjoy wearing bird-themed clothing.

From Cafe Press, for $16.95 + shipping
From Cafe Press, for $16.95 + shipping
From Catalog Classics, for $9;98 + shipping.
From Catalog Classics, for $9.98 + shipping.









flamingo slippers 2Bunny slippers are classic, but how about flamingo slippers? I found quite an assortment to choose from. These look sure to keep your feet warm. Several stores are selling them, including and Walmart, for $18.78 with free shipping.


I could spend all day adding great gift ideas to this post, but hopefully this is enough to get you started. I think it’s easy to find presents that bird-lovers will enjoy. The question is, how many will you add to your own wish list?

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