Parting Shots

Once again, it seems appropriate to post a few “parting shots” as we leave 2015. Hope you had a great year, and wishing you the best for 2016!

Black-bellied Whilstling-Duck_Bennett's_Brownsville-TX_LAH_3900_filtered

Brown PelicanBoqueronPR_20100523_LAH_3834fPrairie Dog_RockyMtnArsenalNWR-CO_LAH_8102_filtered

Meerkats_SDWildAnimalPark_LAH_8294f MontereyPier-CA_LAH_9662

Photos, from top: Black-bellied Whistling-duck (Texas), Brown Pelican (Puerto Rico), Black-tailed Prairie Dog (Colorado), Meercats (zoo), Double-crested Cormorant (California)

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