Garden Advice: Don’t Waste Your Vinegar

Death to Weeds @TacomaWA 14oct07 LAH 037Every so often I come across an article that explains something so much better than I ever could. This is one of those times.

Tsu Dho Nimh writes a blog called Lazy Gardening SMACKDOWN. Back in 2013, he tackled the viral advice about making your own herbicide out of vinegar, detergent, and some other ingredients. I’ve been meaning to cover this topic, because this homemade “herbicide” doesn’t work. But then I saw Nimh’s article, and realized that he did a much more thorough job of explaining it all.

Nimh compared the vinegar concoction with generic glyphosate Not only did he test the efficacy of each herbicide, he also commented extensively on the rather significant dangers of highly concentrated acetic acid (vinegar). He compared the estimated costs of using each for controlling weeds over a growing season.

He even did his own research, spraying one patch of his worst weeds with the homemade vinegar brew, and spraying another patch with generic glyphosate. The photos speak for themselves.

I’m going to send you on over to Lazy Gardening SMACKDOWN while I take a moment to run outside and cover my lettuce before the hail hits. Again.

SMACKDOWN: Vinegar vs Glyphosate for Weed Killing


3 thoughts on “Garden Advice: Don’t Waste Your Vinegar

  1. Mountain Plover,

    You once posted about hand polinating for baby squash and It was Amazing. I did it on the small female squash I found and I grew a wonderful, large squash : D

    I have been waiting for new baby female squashes to pop up but all I have are more than a dozen male squash flowers growing and/or forming (can tell by the long skinny stem at end).

    Why are there no more females cropping? Do you have an idea^

    Tanx 😃


    1. You just need to wait a little longer. Squash plants produce male flowers for several weeks before they start making female flowers. Perfectly normal.
      Glad my post helped!

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