Where’s the Bird?

Birds are sometimes amazing at disguising themselves, but we birders can rise to the challenge and spot them anyway. Just for fun, I think it’s time for a little quiz. No, not an ID quiz—this one is simply “Can you find the bird?”

Easy, right? Here we go…

White-tailed Ptarmigan female_RMNP-CO_LAH_9130
Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Common Pauraque_EsteroLlanoGrandeSP-TX_PLH_4639
Lower Rio Grande Valley, Texas
Brown Creeper_MuellerSP-CO_LAH_9063
Mueller State Park, Colorado

White-tailed Ptarmigan male_RMNP-CO_LAH_9143C
White-tailed Ptarmigan
Common Pauraque_EsteroLlanoGrandeSP-TX_PLH_4639C
Common Pauraque
Brown Creeper_MuellerSP-CO_LAH_9063C
Brown Creeper







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