Gambel’s Quail, Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge, NM

Back in 2020, the COVID lockdowns put a major damper on everything. I found that while I was still gardening, and birding locally, the lack of social interaction put my brain to sleep. No inspiration. No new discoveries. Nothing to write about. And not wishing to fill pages with meaningless drivel, I stopped blogging.

However, I still have a desire to share my awe and love of God’s creation. Instead of writing more articles, I simply began sharing one photograph every day on Instagram (look for LeslieHolzmann) and on the Mountain Plover Facebook page. I haven’t been posting them here, but perhaps it’s time to start.

There is no social commentary. No political opinions. No contention. We have plenty of that already. I just identify the subject and note where I took the picture. Consider it a one-minute break from current events.

In addition to the Gambel’s Quail photo, I’m adding a couple of previous pictures as well:

Potinara ‘Denver Gold’ – Denver Botanic Gardens, CO
Monarch Butterfly – Chico Basin Ranch, CO

And finally, the answer to February’s bird quiz is Little Blue Heron (immature).

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