Encouraging Bluebirds

western-bluebird-home-2008jun03-lah-015rIf the birds held a popularity contest, Bluebirds would probably win. Everyone loves them. Perhaps that’s because they’re so well mannered. They help us by eating the bugs that bug us. They take good care of their families, with the males defending their territories while the females fuss over the nestlings. And when the sun hits their feathers, just so, they shine with the most amazing sky blue.

It’s a good thing many people like bluebirds, because they could use our help. All three bluebird species have declined in numbers since the early 1800s. There are several reasons.


A Welcome Mat for Bluebirds

Western Bluebird_2524f-001Everyone loves bluebirds, and for good reason. They are beautiful to look at, faithfully provide for their families, and eat thousands of insects that might otherwise damage our gardens. However, a lack of nest sites for these cavity-nesting birds has caused a serious decline in their numbers. If you, like me, would love to have a pair of bluebirds sharing your yard, it helps to know a little about what the birds prefer. How can you make your yard more bluebird-friendly?

Bluebirds prefer to live in trees next to open fields. They perch and nest in the trees, and search for insects in the grass nearby. You can find Eastern and Western Bluebirds in orchards or forests next to meadows, farm fields, or grasslands.