Western Conifer Seed Bugs


You may have noticed some strange invaders in your house this fall, particularly if you have pine trees in your area. Don’t be alarmed, and don’t grab the bug spray. They look ferocious, but these insects won’t hurt anything.

Western Conifer Seed Bugs are about an inch long. Their black and red color scheme helps them hide in pine cones where they feed on the seeds, hence their name. They have long antennae. When folded, their wings create an “x” shape across their backs. Look closely at their hindmost legs, and you will notice the flat appendages, much like mud flaps, that give this group of insects its name: leaf-footed bugs.

In late summer, these bugs collect on the warm, southern side of your house. When the sun sets, they burrow into cracks and crevices for safety, often ending up inside the house. If they bother you, just scoop them up and put them outside where they belong.