A Gardener’s Wish List

While I’m on the topic of wish lists (see my previous post), I would be remiss if I left out what the gardener in me would like for Christmas. See, I’m making this so easy for my family!

  1. lettuce-after-hail-damage-home-2008jun04-lah-002No hail. If I had to pick one item, this would be it. How many times have I planted a bed of eager lettuce seedlings that I raised from infancy, only to have them turned into lime sherbet by the next thunderstorm?
  2. Regular, gentle, rainfall. After living most of my life in California, it still seems incredible that Colorado has rain during the summer. But does it all have to fall in a span of five minutes? I’m tired of watching our driveway wash into the culvert, the mulch pile against the fence, and my plants get reduced to stubs. And then, since it all ran off so fast, I still have to water!
  3. tomato-wikiBig, beefy, juicy, delicious tomatoes that mature in under two months, even when nights are in the 50s. Yeah, I’m dreaming.
  4. Gloves that fit. My hands are “small“ from palm to fingertips and “large” from side to side. It’s hard to grab much of anything with an extra inch of glove extending past the ends of your chewed-off fingernails.
  5. No frost after the average last frost date. In my garden at 7,000 ft., that date is May 22. Yet, we’ve had freezes in June the last three years. I’m getting tired of replacing tomato plants.
  6. A trowel that is always laying right where I’m looking for it. Ditto on the shovel, spading fork, weeder, clippers….
  7. rabbit-damage-on-cabbage-home-2008sept23-lah-254Lots of foxes and coyotes. I thoroughly enjoy the wildlife we get around here. I do not, however, appreciate salad-eating rabbits (see munched-on cabbage photo at right), tulip-eating squirrels, or root-eating pocket gophers. It’s OK—we keep the cat indoors.
  8. Flowers and veggies that look and taste like the pictures and blurbs in the catalog say they will.gnome2-klb
  9. A friendly, non-gardening neighbor with alpacas (and their perfect manure). Oh wait. I already have that.

That’s my list. What’s on yours?


Tomato photo courtesy of wikipedia

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