Give a Harvest of Hope

harvest-of-hope-catalogHave you finished your Christmas shopping yet? Christmas is only two days away! Well, if you’re still scratching your head searching for ideas, I have just the thing for that hard-to-shop-for person on your list. And if you are done with your shopping, may I add one more person for you to shop for—someone you don’t know and will probably never meet?

All during the holidays, garden catalogs have been piling up on my desk. I usually promise myself that I won’t open a single one until I have written all my Christmas thank you notes, cleaned the house, and packed up all the decorations. I know once I start reading about beans and lettuce, I’ll be distracted for weeks.

Except… there is one catalog that I open right away.

The Harvest of Hope catalog sells seeds, but not in the usual way. Instead, you order the seeds, but someone else receives them. Yup. Here’s the catalog description:

Seeds for Farmers, Global, $30


Farming is the most common way of earning a living for people in rural areas throughout the world, but sometimes quality seeds are too expensive. Your gift allows a poor family to plant new crops, growing anything from rice to cucumbers, vegetables to millet. Your gift multiplies as seed is saved each harvest and replanted the next year, creating a sustainable agricultural project.

I love gifts that give twice… and this one keeps on giving year after year. Not only are you providing food for now, but you are offering hope for the future.

pi-indian-womanPerhaps the person you are shopping for isn’t a gardener. Don’t give up—there are lots of other items in this catalog. Perhaps they would rather provide clean water to a village in North Africa, eliminating disease and freeing a child, who now spends hours carrying water, to attend school. Or they can provide job skills to a woman in India, giving her an opportunity to escape poverty.

The top item on my own wish list is a flock of chickens. I really like chickens—I have several of them running around the coop in my yard. Chickens can really help someone in need by providing both a source of food and an income. At only $7 each, I hope I “receive” a bunch of them!

In the midst of all the buying and celebrations, it is a relief for me to spend my money on something that really matters. In this season of giving, I urge you to consider doing the same.

Photos are from the Harvest of Hope catalog.

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