Incredible Hummingbird Video


It seems that everyone loves hummingbirds. Their tiny size, incredible gymnastic feats, and bright colors are enough to win over even the most apathetic bird-ignorer. (Is that the opposite of a bird watcher?)

PBS, through the design and construction of a special camera, has made a documentary about these amazing birds that slows their life down to mere human speed. I was astonished at what I learned.

I missed this video when it first came out last year. Maybe you did too. So instead of writing my own article for today, here are two links, one to the full-length video and one that shows how the filming was accomplished:

Hummingbirds: Magic in the Air
Behind the Scenes of “Hummingbirds”

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

2 thoughts on “Incredible Hummingbird Video

  1. I liked the birds with the white tufts of feathers by their feet.. and the ones wit the long tail plumes! Very cool. So interesting about what they do at night!

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