I’m Thankful For…


I am thankful for…

  1. Colorado sunshine, which allows my perennials to thrive free of most fungal diseases.
  2. The Red-tailed Hawk that frequently perches on the top of the Ponderosa outside my window.
  3. Room for the large garden we couldn’t afford at California land prices.
  4. Chickens that lay tasty eggs, eat weeds and bugs, and fertilize my garden, asking for so little in return.
  5. The experienced birders in our Audubon chapter who are so generous in sharing their extensive knowledge.
  6. The huge carrots that grew so well in my garden this summer.
  7. Friends I’ve made by volunteering as a Colorado Master Gardener for the past eleven years.
  8. Coyotes that keep my squirrel and rabbit populations under control.
  9. Jays that knock on my kitchen window if I am too slow in putting out peanuts for their breakfast.
  10. God, who has made such an amazing world for us to enjoy.

How about you?

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