Chihuly in the Gardens

Chihuly_DBG-CO_LAH_9664-001The Denver Botanic Gardens are worth a visit just because of the gorgeous flowers, the fascinating plants (I always discover new ones), and the inspiring color combinations. Now they’ve outdone themselves. From now through November, 2014, the blooms and water features provide a backdrop for Chihuly’s huge glass sculptures.

Dale Chihuly is a famous artist for good reason. He creates shapes out of glass that look as if they grew by themselves, probably underwater. Think jellyfish, or sea anemones. I’ve seen chandeliers composed of hundreds, of separate glass pieces all painstakingly fitted together into one organic whole. Incredible! You can see his work at museums all over the world.

Chihuly_DBG-CO_LAH_9585-001This collaboration was planned well in advance. The artist created many new pieces specifically designed for the places they would occupy in the gardens. Nestled among the plants, surrounded by water in a reflecting pool, always commanding your attention, they are complemented by their surroundings.

As a twenty plus year resident of Colorado, I thought Chihuly was quite brave to exhibit his work outside at this time of year. After all, we do get a bit of hail! Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who thought about the weather. Word is, he created replacement pieces, just in case.

I could try to describe these amazing pieces of art, but I would quickly run out of superlatives. Instead, I’m just going to show you some samples. But photos can’t do this display justice. Rather, I hope that now you’re motivated to get out and see the art in the gardens while the show lasts.

Borders-001Chihuly_DBG-CO_LAH_0162-001Water pieces - blue-001Chihuly_DBG-CO_LAH_0171-001gift shop-002Several sculptures were available in the gift shop. These are each about 15 inches across. The luscious red one on the left had a $7,600 price tag—and an employee standing guard.

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