Bird Photography: Balance & Color

Eastern Rosella Parrot_CheyenneMtnZoo-CO_LAH_4110As I mentioned last month, if we want our photography to look like art, we need to study art. I find that the more I learn about composition and design, the better my pictures turn out. Here are a few more things to consider when looking through your viewfinder.

Objects in a photograph have visual weight to them. Imagine that your photo is a seesaw, supported by a point in the middle. For example, a large, black crow to the right of the picture will tend to pull that side downward unless balanced by something else on the left side. Just as with actual weights, two or three smaller objects can balance one big one. Most pleasing pictures are visually balanced. Remember that a large open space can also have weight, so you don’t need clutter your composition. Continue reading “Bird Photography: Balance & Color”

Chihuly in the Gardens

Chihuly_DBG-CO_LAH_9664-001The Denver Botanic Gardens are worth a visit just because of the gorgeous flowers, the fascinating plants (I always discover new ones), and the inspiring color combinations. Now they’ve outdone themselves. From now through November, 2014, the blooms and water features provide a backdrop for Chihuly’s huge glass sculptures.

Dale Chihuly is a famous artist for good reason. He creates shapes out of glass that look as if they grew by themselves, probably underwater. Think jellyfish, or sea anemones. I’ve seen chandeliers composed of hundreds, of separate glass pieces all painstakingly fitted together into one organic whole. Incredible! You can see his work at museums all over the world.

Continue reading “Chihuly in the Gardens”

Amazing Insect Images

You have to see these photographs.

I am very aware that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of emails making the rounds, not to mention blogs and other websites, all with cute or unbelievable photographs in them. This is not one of those.

Well-known photographer Igor Siwanowicz is in a class by himself. If I can manage to create photographs half as incredible as his are, I will consider myself an unbridled success.

The above link takes you to just 60 of his close-ups of insects and other small creatures. Each one is a work of art. Please take the time to look. You’ll be so glad you did.