Missing Spring?

Muted reds, soft blues, maize yellow—winter isn’t the monotone black, gray, and white that I expected when I moved to Colorado over twenty years ago. But even after twenty years, I still have trouble with January. Like many Colorado transplants, I grew up in California, and I miss the year-round green, the earthy smell of growing things, and the bright hues of flowers. Perhaps you do too.

Today’s post is designed to help dispel those mid-winter blahs. I offer a rainbow of colors to cheer you up and remind us all that spring is coming!

Rainbow - horizontalFlowers, from top: Shirley Poppy, Zinnia, California Poppy, Daffodils, Gazania, Lenten Rose (Hellebore), Horehound, Siberian Blue Poppy, Gayfeather (Liatris), Clematis

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