Garden Advice: Ten Gardening Myths: Busted!

  • mason-bee-house-this-old-houseShould you top a tree to keep it within bounds?
  • Will a mulch of Ponderosa pine needles acidify the soil?
  • Should you always add compost to a planting hole?
  • What about encouraging native bees with a bee house?

A lot of what gets passed from gardener to gardener sounds like good advice, but has no benefit—or can even be harmful. Which practices are supported by research? Which should we forget about?

I generally prefer to write my own posts, but when someone does such a terrific job of explaining the truth about these garden myths, as Oregon State University Extension did recently, it only makes sense to send you there.

Of course, OSU’s advice is aimed at Oregon gardeners (such as dealing with moss in turf grass), but most of the questions apply equally well to Colorado—and much of the rest of the country, too.

So, please click on over to The Oregonian’s “Oregon Live” website, and educate yourself!

Note: We don’t have Brown Recluse spiders here in Colorado, either. Phwew!




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