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Do Houseplants Reduce Stress?

Are you stressed? You should grow houseplants! Just ask all the experts. Try an online search and you’ll come up with almost two million sites claiming that growing plants reduces stress. Even the National Institute of Health has jumped on … Continue reading

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Don’t Wait. Plant Now.

If the cooler weather and turning leaves haven’t alerted you, the calendar can’t lie. Tomorrow is the first day of autumn. Can our first frost be far behind? It’s tempting to let the change of seasons put a stop to … Continue reading

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It’s Not Just the Zone

We just returned from an intense two-week road trip to the Great Lakes. We visited thirteen states and one province and saw at least a glimpse of all five Great Lakes. You can see our route at right. It was … Continue reading

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Ten Gardening Myths: Busted!

Should you top a tree to keep it within bounds? Will a mulch of Ponderosa pine needles acidify the soil? Should you always add compost to a planting hole? What about encouraging native bees with a bee house? A lot … Continue reading

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Blizzard Gardening

Today (as I write this) is officially the third day of spring, but you’d never know it here in Colorado. I can barely make out the house across the street through the snow hurtling by at up to 70 mph. … Continue reading

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Dealing with Compacted Soil

My soil is rock hard! That’s a common complaint along Colorado’s Front Range. Our soils tend to extremes—we find that we’re either dealing with sand and decomposed gravel (the remains of glacial moraines), or clay. Then, to make things worse, … Continue reading

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Bird Photography: Practice makes perfect!

There are lots of reasons to photograph birds. For one, it’s lots of fun (although all-too-often frustrating as well). Photos can provide a record of birds you’ve seen, especially if, like me, you start second-guessing your best sightings the minute … Continue reading

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