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Do Houseplants Reduce Stress?

Are you stressed? You should grow houseplants! Just ask all the experts. Try an online search and you’ll come up with almost two million sites claiming that growing plants reduces stress. Even the National Institute of Health has jumped on … Continue reading

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Houseplants & Indoor Air Quality

I’ve been down with a nasty stomach virus for the past week, more interested in the distance to the bathroom than in gardening. As a result, I’ve been perusing articles instead of writing them (it takes far less effort!). I’ve … Continue reading

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Flowers with Roots, Please

Flowers make me happy. I love gardens full of them. But while I do appreciate pretty bouquets, I prefer to receive flowers that are still attached to their plant. As my husband has learned—to bring a smile to my face, … Continue reading

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Seeds to Start in January

For an avid gardener, January can be a difficult time of year. Sure, we can dream. The seed catalogs that have been arriving for a month now are filled with post-it notes, dog-eared corners, and bright yellow highlights. At the … Continue reading

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Act Now for Mid-winter Flowers

Imagine that it’s wintertime. Anything verdant and green has long turned to brown. Limbs lie leafless. A few berries may yet hang on the shrubs. We’re already eager for spring, but the growing season is still months away. Wouldn’t this … Continue reading

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Valentine Cyclamen

It’s Valentine’s Day, one of the busiest days of the year for your friendly neighborhood florist. My husband knows I like receiving flowers on this most romantic of holidays. He also knows that I appreciate getting a plant that is … Continue reading

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Cat Grass, or How to Save Your Spider Plant

It was my daughter on the phone: “Mom! Starla has been chewing on the spider plant again! What can I do?” No, Starla isn’t our granddaughter—she will know better than to chew on the houseplants. Starla is one of our … Continue reading

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