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More Better Tomatoes

Summer is just around the corner and the weather is (hopefully) settled. You’ve finally planted your tomato seedlings and you’re dreaming of luscious, red, ripe tomatoes—the sooner the better. However, this is Colorado, and there’s no guarantee when it comes … Continue reading

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Moth Orchids

With the holidays behind us, winter seems to stretch out as far as we can see. I don’t know about you, but I’m more than ready for a tropical vacation! We can’t afford tickets to a balmy beach or verdant … Continue reading

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Keen on Kale

It used to be relegated to garnish status, if you could find it at all. Kale’s strong flavor placed it in last place when compared to its more appealing relatives such as cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli. Even the oft-hated Brussels … Continue reading

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More Basil, Please

The summer is winding down and my harvest (well, except for the still-green tomatoes) is in full swing. Last month I made my first basil cuttings. Now it’s time for another one. And with any luck (and a late frost), … Continue reading

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Beyond Spring

Most landscapes look terrific in May and June. The leaves are fresh and new. From pink crabapples to purple lilacs, it seems as if everything is in bloom. The contrast with the lifeless browns and grays of winter is enough … Continue reading

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Colorado’s Iconic Blue Spruce

Colorado has a love affair with the blue spruce (Picea pungens). Perhaps we’re enamored with the striking, steel-blue tint to the needles, and the way the color causes fall’s orange leaves to glow. Perhaps we appreciate the towering, pyramidal shape … Continue reading

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Botany for Gardeners: Photosynthesis (part 2)

(If you missed last week’s post about how photosynthesis works, you might want to read it now. I’ll refer to it below.) As gardeners, we all want to grow healthy plants. Knowing what they need is helpful, but knowing why … Continue reading

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