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Don’t Buy Ladybugs

Every gardener knows that ladybugs are “good” bugs because they eat “bad” bugs. Educated gardeners know that ladybugs are actually beetles, and that they eat aphids, scale insects, immature beetles and true bugs, and mites. The adults are efficient predators; … Continue reading

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But Where Are the Birds?

The birdfeeder had been up for weeks, but no birds came to dine. My friend was understandably frustrated. “Why won’t the birds come to my yard?” she asked. “I spent all this money on a feeder and birdseed, but they … Continue reading

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Welcoming Butterflies

Last week I talked about the European Paper Wasp, a new threat to our urban butterflies. Besides judicial control of the wasps, one thing we as gardeners can do is provide plenty of habitat for these beautiful insects. Creating a … Continue reading

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Berries for the Birds

How would you like to have a flock of robins outside your window? How about other thrushes, waxwings, sparrows, towhees, or vireos? Want to add Western Tanager to your yard list? Along with finches, grosbeaks, thrushes, some warblers, Northern Mockingbird, … Continue reading

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