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Magee in August

Sometimes you take a birding trip and it’s everything you ever dreamed about. Our time in Australia two years ago was like that. And sometimes, you try your hardest and things just don’t work out the way you anticipate, such … Continue reading

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Playing with Nature

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am. Last night our daughter sent us the following text about two of our granddaughters, currently aged 4 and 6: G: Look W–! A chickadee! (Gasp!) Two! W: Yeah! Aww, they flew in … Continue reading

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Neither snow nor rain…

Last Saturday promised to be a great day. We were heading to Chico Basin Ranch. The ranch describe itself as a: … 87,000-acre family-run, working cattle ranch that operates on the high prairie 30 miles southeast of Colorado Springs, Colorado. … Continue reading

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A Different Kind of Birding Blog

Birding travel. Recent sightings. Ornithological news. Most birding blogs cover these and similar topics. That’s fine—it’s always enjoyable to hear about someone else’s birding adventures. But Birder’s Rules, written by Nicholas Lund, takes a totally different approach.

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Birding Pueblo

For years, whenever I’ve gone to Pueblo to go birding, I’ve headed to Lake Pueblo state park. How can any place else compete with a large reservoir surrounded by arid open space, watered picnic areas, and, along the Arkansas River … Continue reading

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Four Helpful Letters

Here’s a little quiz with two questions. What do ARLO, LEVI, ROSA, WILL, GREG, and CORA have in common? What do the following words have in common? MALL, HOME, LIMP, KILL, SURF, SAND, LIST, UNDO, WILL, DOVE, LITE, COTE, SATE, … Continue reading

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Come to the Festival

You enjoy the birds in your backyard. Birding field trips crowd your calendar. But have you ever participated in a birding festival? Getting together with other enthusiastic birders for an entire weekend is a terrific way to learn more about … Continue reading

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