Cat Grass, or How to Save Your Spider Plant

Starla_ErieCO_20091219_LAH_5709It was my daughter on the phone: “Mom! Starla has been chewing on the spider plant again! What can I do?”

No, Starla isn’t our granddaughter—she will know better than to chew on the houseplants. Starla is one of our grand-cats. And like our own pet feline, she loves to chew on foliage.

Our pets are all indoor cats—it’s safer for the birds and other wildlife, and it’s safer for them too. (Did you know that birds may carry diseases that can kill your cat?) While they contentedly preen on the window sill and shed on the sofa, they retain their instinct to munch on leaves. Since the only leaves available are houseplants, that’s what they eat.