Persistence Pays Off

Eurasian Wigeon_CanonCity-CO_LAH_7837The phone rang. It was Debbie, my birding and photography buddy, calling to tell me that a male Eurasian Wigeon had been sighted in Cañon City! She had seen it on the area’s recent Christmas Bird Count, but she’d been without her camera. Now she wanted photographs. Did I want to go back to the area with her to look for it? You bet I did. It isn’t every day a Eurasian Wigeon comes to Colorado!


Rare Bird? Read This!

I make it a point to generate my own material for this blog. I research and write the articles, I take most of the photos. However, once in a while I come across another blogger’s post that is so well done, and so helpful, that it makes no sense for me to try and do better.

In this case, Greg Gillson has written a post called How NOT to report a rare bird. This caught my attention because I have, in fact, had occasion to report a rare bird (although not as often as I could wish!) and I really had no idea what I was doing.

Please click on over to Birding is Fun and read Greg’s article. He is concise, informative, and entertaining.