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Ups and Downs

One drawback of living at 7,100 feet is that spring drags its feet. I see the blue sky outside and assume warm sunshine to go with it. Yet, I step one foot out the door and my teeth start to … Continue reading

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Cold Brrrrrds! (a rerun)

Here it is noon on Saturday, and it’s currently -5 outside. Everyone is talking about the weather—especially because yesterday the temperature soared to 60 degrees. The entire country is shivering. Adding to the discussion is the fact that today is … Continue reading

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Maximizing “Birdy-ness”

“Oh, that’s a great place to go birding—they were everywhere! We had such a long species list and I even got a lifer!” “Really? We’ve been there and we didn’t see anything—just one House Finch and a Northern Flicker. It … Continue reading

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Oh Hail!

It was the house-shaking boom of thunder that first caught my attention. As my ears recovered, I heard a drumming on the roof, a steady beat that rapidly got louder and louder. More flashes of lightning. More thunder. I stopped … Continue reading

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