Quiz: Garden Jargon

Garden Bed?
A Garden Bed?

How well do you know your gardening terms? As with most groups of people with a specific hobby or occupation, those who garden have a specialized vocabulary—our garden jargon. We often use words that other people might not understand—or will they?

I have an interesting little quiz for you today. I’ve taken a series of gardening terms that have other meanings not related to gardening. For example, a bed can be a place we sleep—or a landscaped area, often filled with flowers.

I’ve picked ten such words plus an extra-tricky bonus word. They have a “normal” meaning, and also a specific, garden-related definition. I’ve given you the definitions that don’t pertain to plants. Can you come up with the garden-related word? Extra points if you know what it means in a garden context. The answers will appear Monday at the end of the article.

  1. A person who travels on a train, airplane, etc., without having paid for a ticket, especially a person using a complimentary ticket or free pass.
  2. To prevent complete loss of a bet by betting an additional amount or amounts against the original bet.
  3. To alter, modify, rephrase, or add to or subtract from by formal procedure.
  4. Unscrupulous use of one’s position to derive profit or advantages; extortion.
  5. The characteristic aroma of wines, liqueurs, etc.
  6. A person easily cheated, deceived, or imposed upon.
  7. Wounding the feelings severely; sarcastic.
  8. To economize unduly; stint oneself.
  9. The common or ordinary people
  10. To confer upon (an alien) the rights and privileges of a citizen.

Bonus word: The distinct individuality or identity of a person or thing.

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