A Different Kind of Birding Blog

Birder's Rules screen grab

Birding travel. Recent sightings. Ornithological news. Most birding blogs cover these and similar topics. That’s fine—it’s always enjoyable to hear about someone else’s birding adventures. But Birder’s Rules, written by Nicholas Lund, takes a totally different approach.

How different? Here’s a selection of titles from the past few months:

These topics are so great, I wish I’d thought of them first!

I particularly enjoyed Rule #4, above. It includes such essential pointers as “Check the car roof for equipment before driving off.” and “OH MY GOD don’t forget your memory card.” (This is where I insert a plug for my daughter’s Etsy business. She sews camera accessories, including little clip-on bags that hold extra batteries and memory cards. I will never be without one.)

Not only does this post offer excellent advice, but it seems that Lund isn’t the only boneheaded birder around. I could personally relate to every item on his list!

Instead of rambling on and taking up all your time, I’ll let you click on over to Birder’s Rules, on the National Audubon website, and pick your own topic for today. I hope you enjoy your reading as much as I do.

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