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A Different Kind of Birding Blog

Birding travel. Recent sightings. Ornithological news. Most birding blogs cover these and similar topics. That’s fine—it’s always enjoyable to hear about someone else’s birding adventures. But Birder’s Rules, written by Nicholas Lund, takes a totally different approach.

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Birds Are Smarter than I Thought

We ooh and aah over their colorful plumage. We adore their antics. We marvel at their ability to soar, turn, and plummet. But how often do we admire birds for their intelligence? Read The Genius of Birds, and you’ll realize … Continue reading

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Plant Science for Gardeners

New gardening books seem to pop up as regularly as springtime dandelions. Most simply rehash what has been said before—perhaps with a new twist or better photos. But How Plants Work: The Science Behind the Amazing Things Plants Do (Science … Continue reading

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Love Chickens? Read This!

Backyard chickens are pretty popular, and for good reason. What other pet delivers affection, entertainment, companionship, plus fertilizer and fresh, tasty eggs? If you’ve been smitten by the burb of a motherly hen—or if you’d like to know what it’s … Continue reading

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The Bluebird Effect—Not Just Another Nature Book

Maybe birding results from having a “collection gene.” (At least a bird collection—aka a “life list”—doesn’t take up any space on a shelf, and as a bonus, it never needs dusting.) I don’t just collect birds, I seem to also … Continue reading

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Weed—Identify Yourself!

Are those weed seedlings or flowers? That’s a significant question early in the season. While mature weeds are obviously not zinnias or parsley, it’s much harder to distinguish garden plants from unwanted pests when they’re still seedlings. Yet, weed control … Continue reading

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This Book Shouldn’t Be a Secret

“My zucchini plants produce flowers, but no squash. Why?” “Every year my lettuce gets bitter, then blooms. How can I keep it from bolting?” “I set out my broccoli two weeks before the last frost, when the books tell us … Continue reading

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