December Bird Quiz

I thought I would offer two clues this month. The first one is harder. If you would like more information, click to continue the page. Now can you name this bird? The photo was taken in Arizona in April. I will post the uncropped photo on Saturday, giving you one more chance. The answer will appear at the end of next Monday’s post.

Lazuli Bunting_Patagonia-AZ_LAH_3706

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Birding Cornville


What do you think of when someone mentions birding Arizona? Hummingbirds? Elegant Trogons? Arizona Woodpeckers, Gray Hawks, and Crissal Thrashers?

While the far southern part of the state offers all these, plus a chance at birds normally only found in Mexico, the northern part of the state can produce some lifers as well.

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Bird Quiz #3: Answer

To refresh your memory, here again is the photo for Bird Quiz #3. Read no further if you still want to have a shot at identifying this bird.

quiz-3As I mentioned in the quiz, I saw this bird in Tucson, Arizona in March. We also know it enters cavities and, at least in this case, that cavity is in a large cactus. Since the bird was doing this in the spring, it was probably building a nest or feeding young.

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Mid-Summer Abundance


July is not the best time to go birding. The sweat drips from under your floppy hat and smears the view through your binos, and there’s a puddle soaking your shirt under your sling/backpack/fanny pack. It’s a challenge just carrying enough water to stay hydrated.

The birds aren’t cooperating, either. Most of the males have stopped singing now that they have their mates and their territories. Soon they’ll be molting out of their breeding plumage into something much duller and harder to identify. Some are already thinking about heading south, although they won’t actually leave town for a few more weeks.

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