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Garden Synergy

Does this pink look too garish? Should I match it with orange—or cream? Or would the gray be better? One of my favorite aspects of gardening is coordinating flowers. Sure, each plant is a beauty all on its own but, … Continue reading

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Yellow Leaves, Red Leaves, Pretty Leaves, Dead Leaves

You probably remember learning about fall color when you were in elementary school. You know that leaves turn colors before they fall, and it had something to do with chlorophyll. But when is the last time you really thought about … Continue reading

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Fabulous Fall Grasses

What do we plant for fall color? Most of us would quickly list off maples and crabapples, or perhaps a burning bush (aka winged euonymus). But what about grasses? Some ornamental grasses have impressive fall foliage, and it lasts all … Continue reading

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Nature’s Easter Eggs

With many of us dying Easter eggs this week, I got curious about eggs that are naturally colored. We’ve raised chickens (Ameraucanas) that laid turquoise-to-olive eggs; our current flock of Black Sex-links lay in shades of tan. In fact, I … Continue reading

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Beyond Fall Foliage

Want to add autumn interest to your garden? Frost has arrived and flowers are finishing their season, but we don’t have to settle for a boring landscape. Even in Colorado, it’s possible to create a garden that is beautiful all … Continue reading

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Virginia Creeper

When we think of fall color, we usually think of trees—ash trees are bright yellow, aspen is gold, and oaks and maples are turning crimson. Or we might notice the incredible purple-orange-scarlet leaves on aptly named Burning Bush (Euonymus alata).  … Continue reading

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Choosing Your Chickens

It’s spring. Bulbs are blooming, birds are singing, and feed stores have fluffy yellow baby chicks! When we were still living in Silicon Valley, finding a source for baby chicks was a challenge. These days, no matter where you live, … Continue reading

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