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In Memory of Motswari

Colorado Springs gets a lot of hail. Anyone who has lived here very long knows that hail is part of life. But in the 25 years we’ve called Colorado home, we’ve never seen a summer like this one. Three times … Continue reading

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Black Vultures

When we first saw the sign, during our recent visit to Everglades National Park, we thought it was funny. What can a bird do to our car (besides the obvious, I mean)? Then we looked around. Black Vultures were everywhere—in … Continue reading

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Rare Birds Indeed

It would seem that the El Paso County (Colorado) parks department needs to take some birding classes. Look closely at the sign in the next photo.

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Turkey Vultures

Q: Why didn’t the Turkey Vulture pay the airline’s luggage surcharge? A: All he had was carrion. Frequently portrayed as sinister black birds hunched over a dying cow or feasting on road kill, Turkey Vultures could be the perfect Halloween … Continue reading

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