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Keep Molasses in the Kitchen

There has been a sudden flurry of articles and ads all promoting molasses as a valuable garden fertilizer/weed killer/pesticide. I find the latter use particularly humorous. Molasses is sweet. Won’t that attract critters? I bet our resident bunnies would adore … Continue reading

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Gardening Advice: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

We’ve all seen the hype— Put beer on your lawn for greener grass. Use Epsom salts for better blooms. Plant marigolds to keep the bugs away. But do these “special garden remedies” actually work, or are they a waste of … Continue reading

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Too Much Zucchini? 3.0

The past two years I’ve posted articles titled “Too Much Zucchini?” and “Too Much Zucchini 2.0.” It’s time for a couple more recipes calling for zucchini, something most gardeners have in abundance at this time of year. As I’ve said … Continue reading

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Two Pestos You’ll Love

Summer is ending. For the past month, my potted basil plants have been doing their best to flower. I know that if I let them go to seed, they would die, so I’ve been pinching off the buds. However, now … Continue reading

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Too Much Zucchini 2.0

One of our daughters lives north of Seattle, where plants like to grow. She just called, all excited to tell me about her veggie garden. It seems that last year she planted six zucchini seeds, and none of them survived. … Continue reading

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Too Much Zucchini?

Are you growing zucchini in your garden? Are your plants… prolific? Do your neighbors hide when they see you coming? Do you sneak over at midnight to leave it on their porch? You might be showing signs of zucchini overabundance! … Continue reading

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Feeding Hummers

Right on schedule, I hear the shrill whistle of a Broad-tailed Hummingbird’s wings. I’m writing this on May 1, and I just had my first tiny visitor of the season—on the exact same date as last year. I’d hung the … Continue reading

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