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Looking for Spotted Owls

“You can’t always get what you want…” “I heard that there two Spotted Owls are being seen in New Mexico. I’m going to go look for them—do you want to come? How soon can you leave?” My friend Susan (left) … Continue reading

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Birding Down Under: Coastal Wetlands

(This post continues my series on birding in Australia… choose “Birding Trips” in the Category box at right to see my previous posts.) I woke the next morning as soon as it was light and headed out the door, surprising … Continue reading

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Hunting for Warm and Green

As I stare out the window at brown and dead, I’m dreaming of warm, green, lush gardens. In past years I’ve had to make do with visits to Denver Botanic Gardens’ greenhouses (left) or the Butterfly Pavilion in Broomfield, Colorado … Continue reading

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Please Imagine…

I just came back from an exciting day of birding and photography. Our local Audubon chapter organized a field trip to Mt. Evans, which reaches 14,265 feet above sea level. Our target birds included White-tailed Ptarmigan and Brown-capped Rosy-finches. We … Continue reading

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The CFO Convention: Part 2

The saga continues… The alarm on my phone chirped into the pre-dawn blackness. My friend Debbie and I both groaned. Between the 18-wheelers on near-by Hwy. 50 and the louder truck parked across the narrow driveway from us—the truck whose … Continue reading

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Bird Mania—The 2011 CFO Convention

I just got back from my first birding conference—the annual Colorado Field Ornithologists’ Convention. This year it was held in Grand Junction, on the western slope of the Rockies. My friend Debbie (above) and I enjoyed three days of beak-geek … Continue reading

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Eagle Days 2011

I’ve learned the lesson once again. If you stay home, you won’t get any photos. If you go out, you may still come up empty handed—or you just might be surprised. The forecast was for snow and cold, but Lake … Continue reading

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